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Learners can earn a recommendation of 9 college credits for completing the Project Management Certificate, the equivalent of 3 college courses at the bachelor’s degree level. This aims to help open up additional pathways to learners who are interested in higher education, and prepare them for entry-level jobs. We’ll cover the basic steps you need to take to dive into the wonderful world of DevOps and project management. In Week 1, you’ll learn about the definition and characteristics of a project. We will introduce project management best practices, including how to justify your project, developing a project summary and a project plan. The week will conclude with an overview of all phases of the software development lifecycle.

  • If English is not your native language, you should have at least intermediate English skills to enroll.
  • ” You learn how to break a project down into the individual pieces that need to be defined before moving on to explore best practices for project management.
  • Having certifications on your resume show employers that you have expertise in DevOps methodologies.
  • Learners can earn a recommendation of 9 college credits for completing the Project Management Certificate, the equivalent of 3 college courses at the bachelor’s degree level.
  • The CompTIA Cloud+ was designed for cloud professionals that must work with a wide range of cloud-based tools.
  • If you are a project manager tasked with implementing DevOps into your organization’s software development and deployment processes, then the Linux Foundation has just the right certification for you.

In the enterprise, certification demonstrates a shared understanding of a platform, a shared terminology, and a certain level of cloud expertise that can speed up time to value for cloud projects. DevOps project managers are in high demand, and many seek this increasingly popular position due to its lucrative pay and opportunities for advancement. Whether you currently work as a project manager in charge of a software development team or hope to become one, the following DevOps certifications can help you stand out from the competition. At the same time, IT pros shouldn’t necessarily go for the cloud certification that pays the most on paper. They should pursue the certification that will further their career and give them a foundation of cloud skills.

Checklist: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

No prior project management experience or specific knowledge is required. Finding a location, delegating who should bring what, collecting and tracking payments, coordinating your arrival, and ensuring everyone enjoys the trip are all project management tasks. how to become a project manager Project management is valuable to businesses because it helps ensure that a project delivers the expected outcomes — both on time and within budget. So, as you can imagine, project management is critical to the success of projects both big and small.

cloud certification for project managers

To see if you qualify, make sure you are at the B2 level on the CEFR self-assessment grid. To learn more, see English Language Proficiency Requirements – Noncredit Programs. In addition to setting the plan and guiding teammates through the project, they are tasked with managing changes and risks. Each day is dynamic and different for a project manager because they are at the center of the project — building relationships, prioritising tasks, and delivering results! Using various tools and templates, as well as a unique skill set, the project manager brings order to chaos.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Software development teams can only succeed if everyone is on the same page. Part of being on the same page is speaking the same language, so if you are unfamiliar with DevOps, this certification from DevOps University is a must. This Specialization doesn’t carry university credit, but some universities may choose to accept Specialization Certificates for credit. Coursera’s editorial team is comprised of highly experienced professional editors, writers, and fact…

cloud certification for project managers

As companies increasingly shift workloads to the public cloud, cloud computing has moved from a nice-to-have to a core competency in the enterprise. This shift requires a new set of skills to design, deploy, and manage applications in cloud computing. Prepare for certification exams with training and materials that complement your hands-on AWS experience. AWS Certification validates cloud expertise to help professionals highlight in-demand skills, and organizations build effective, innovative teams for cloud initiatives using AWS. You’ll apply core project management concepts to a fictitious business scenario that mimics real-world challenges. If English is not your native language, you should have at least intermediate English skills to enroll.

Why You Should Audit and Rotate Your AWS Credentials Periodically

Once claimed, they will receive a competency-based transcript that signifies the credit recommendation, which can be shared directly with a school from the Credly platform. Please note that the decision to accept specific credit recommendations is up to each institution and is not guaranteed. If you are interested in financial assistance, you may be eligible for financial aid via Coursera through the course page. The Google Project Management Certificate can be completed in three months working approximately 20 hours per week, or in six months working 10 hours per week.

Find out about upcoming exam updates, beta exams, and new certifications as they become available. Learn about what to expect with scheduling your exam, identification requirements, exam functionality, relevant policies, and more. Dive deeper and position yourself as a trusted advisor to your stakeholders and/or customers in these strategic areas. Knowledge-based certification for foundational understanding of AWS Cloud.

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