In search of lost time

“I’m desperate. I do not have time for anything. It seems that I am busy all the time, but I do not complete any of the things on time. There is no question of rest “. This can be heard both from the top manager and from the housewife. How to return free time?

Bridgeid Schulta, a full -time correspondent of The Washington Post and the mother of two children, found answers to these questions, and everything that she found out in the search process was recorded in the book “I have no time”*.

Too busy to live

The work has become a religion of our time, rest is a sin, and employment is the subject of competition. We constantly prove to friends, relatives, colleagues that we are doing so much every day. We are proud of a mentally buzzing smartphone overflowing with mail. According to psychologists, a sense of super -puzzle makes us feel our own significance and effectiveness. If you are not as busy as your acquaintances, then you run the risk of being known as a loser. Remember the common phrase – “Slob for weaklings”. So, among large cities and provinces, the cult of the “ideal employee” has developed. He is ready to come to the

office even at night, his phone is always in the access zone. Meanwhile, psychologists are convinced that in fact, the condition of success is such a “trifle” as happiness. Does it feel a happy squirrel, day after day, thoughtlessly scrolling a wheel? Find free time means finding a way to a good life. The success formula proposed in the book consists of three terms: work, love, game (work in pleasure, peace and mutual understanding in the family, entertainment). Observance of balance between them and gives harmony. It is interesting that not only employees of large companies and top managers are subject to super-piercing-it turns out that housewives “get sick” at least.

Mom has everything under control

Research and sociological surveys given in the book show that on Earth there is no more limited person in time than a working mother. Women are happy to devote themselves to their beloved business and have recently achieved great heights even in the business and politics closed to them once for them. But everything changes when children appear in the family. The husband continues to increase the service ladder, and his lover either leaves the distance, or combines official duties with the daily debt mother, wife and housewife. Bridgeid Schulta knows by himself: “House for a woman is a second workplace”. Unpaid. Regardless of what women do, they constantly keep in their heads all issues related to children, home, work, deeds and family.

The most curious thing is that they themselves are happy to support the cult of the “ideal mother”, which manages everything. With her husband, work, either the “ideal mother” will never ask for help, will not give out his weakness, but will hide her behind a tired smile. The all -consuming motherhood is involved in a feeling of guilt, fear and double standards: “I devote too little time to my child”, “I’m afraid that my husband will leave me”, “If my friends understand that my son is rude to me, they will say that I am badMother “, saying herself day after day, the woman continues to increase the momentum of her activity. As in the case of an “ideal employee”, one day the system fails.

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