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This is only a small subset, and there are many more available and even more are being constantly developed, reviewed, and improved by the Linux kernel community. We hope that this post will shed some light on these security features and that, if you haven’t already, you may consider enabling them in your Linux systems. Jay Beale has created several defensive security tools, including Bastille Linux/UNIX and the CIS Linux Scoring Tool, both of which were used widely throughout industry and government.

Linux Hardening and Security Lessons

Cloudflare’s security products use things like IP reputation and WAF attack scores based on ML technologies in order to assess whether a given HTTP request is malicious. This is extremely effective, but sometimes requests are mistakenly flagged as malicious and blocked. Log Explorer provides a lower cost option for storing and exploring log data within Cloudflare. Until today, we have offered the ability to export logs to expensive third party tools, and now with Log Explorer, you can quickly and easily explore your log data without leaving the Cloudflare Dashboard. Now that you know the counter-attack, would you skip the hardening steps?

Secure WordPress database: 13 MySQL security best practices (+1 bonus)

In a nutshell, if a kernel crashes in production (due to a bug or some other error), a backup kernel (previously loaded with kexec) can take over, collect and save the memory dump for further investigation. This allows to more effectively investigate kernel and other issues in production, so it is a powerful tool to have. KEXEC (or kexec_load()) is an interesting system call in Linux, which allows for one kernel to directly execute (or jump to) another kernel. The idea behind this is to switch/update/downgrade kernels faster without going through a full reboot cycle to minimize the potential system downtime. However, it was developed quite a while ago, when secure boot and system integrity was not quite a concern.

Linux Hardening and Security Lessons

We have previously covered how Cloudflare implements secure boot in the initial stages of the boot process. Within a secure boot architecture each stage from the above diagram verifies the integrity of the next stage before passing execution to it, thus Linux Hardening and Security Lessons forming a so-called secure boot chain. This way “trustworthiness” is extended to every component in the boot chain, because if we verified the code integrity of a particular stage, we can trust this code to verify the integrity of the next stage.

Information Security (InfoSec)

Emergency Kits should contain enough water, non-perishable foods and prescriptions to last at least three days for each person in your household. In addition, each Emergency Kit should contain a flashlight, radio, extra batteries, first aid kit, sanitation items, cash and additional clothing. HSEM is charged with overseeing the state-level planning, preparation, response to, recovery from and mitigation of all emergencies and disasters.

  • The “Other” grouping includes other threat types not covered by the previous three.
  • Against this backdrop, the role of CISOs has never been more important.
  • You would likely prefer not to find out whilst you’re in the middle of an incident trying to recover data.
  • As such, unless you have a specific use case for this in your WordPress site, you should disable this feature.
  • In the sampled logs view, you can see that most of these requests are coming from a common client IP address.
  • It also decreases the possibility of a misconfiguration being taken advantage of since a restricted user will be unable to access resources unrelated to MySQL (such as operating system configurations and secrets).

The attachments in nearly 6% of messages attempted to download additional software (presumably malware) once opened. Based on these assessments, Cloudflare Radar now provides insights into trends observed across several different groups of threat types including “Attachment”, “Link”, “Impersonation”, and “Other”. The “Other” grouping includes other threat types not covered by the previous three.

Linux Security Expert

By following a hardening guide the chances of a system compromise can be strongly reduced. Bastille Linux was a popular tool to perform hardening of systems running Linux and other flavors. This checklist has been created based on our knowledge and additional research. A critical view on any of the suggestions is not just a good idea, but required. This way you gain the best possible understanding of the subject and make the right decision.

This Linux security training focuses on the fundamental aspects of Linux Administration, covering topics such as configuring a secure Linux system, working with the command line, and managing users and permissions. It also emphasizes the security aspects of these skills, teaching students how to secure their Linux systems and defend against potential attacks. You will learn how a misconfiguration introduces a vulnerability, how to attack that vulnerability and how to mitigate those risks. Upon completing the course, students will have the knowledge and skills required to secure Linux systems, identify potential security threats, and implement appropriate measures to prevent them. With our course, you can gain the experience necessary to become a skilled and confident Linux user, ensuring that you are an asset rather than a liability to your employer. If MySQL and the web server are running on the same machine, it may allow an attacker to use the LOAD DATA LOCAL statement to read arbitrary files that the web server process has read access to.

This will prevent members of the sales team from initiating an outgoing or incoming SSH session. At Cloudflare, Rust has emerged as a popular choice for new product development due to its safety and performance benefits. Note that the LIMIT clause is included in the query by default, but has no impact on RayID queries as RayID is unique and only one record would be returned when using the RayID filter field. First, we can use Log Explorer to query HTTP requests from the suspect IP address during the time range of the spike seen in Security Analytics. You can also see that Cloudflare has flagged all of these requests as bot traffic.

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