7 films about lonely people

The loss of a loved one, a thirst for freedom, the inability to find a soul mate … Loneliness has many reasons. But there are also many questions for him. What scares us solitude? And the proximity with others? What are we running from, voluntarily choosing recluse? Several films about this.

1.”She” (2013), dir. Spike Jones

Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams.

About what? About the world of the future, in which alienation is growing, and feelings and relationships are increasingly being outstressing. About a world where the operating system becomes an ideal life partner – a friend, a partner, a psychoanalyst, and where the question is “you can look into your hard drive?»Sounds intimately indecent.

Why look? Think about what makes us really alive-about the world of physical sensations, the nature of emotions. And about the essence of human connections, love relationships, which in each individual case are unique.

Quote: “Right now you are talking to someone else? And there are many of them? – 8316. -And you love someone from them? And there are many of them? – 641. – This is not normal! – I understand everything, but this does not change my attitude towards you at all “.

2. “Nobody loves me” (1994), dir. Doris Durry

Cast: Maria Schrader, Pirre Zanussi-Bliss.

About what? 29-year-old employee of the

Et vous pouvez trouver beaucoup de choses. Par exemple, les mouvements avec un nom ridicule “trou infini”: mettez une paume sur la base de l’élément, le cou avec une main pilule erection en pharmacie et de monter. Lorsque la main inférieure se dégage du haut – changez-les dans des endroits. N’oubliez pas de faire attention à la tête et aux œufs (ils peuvent être consacrés à une main pendant que la seconde fonctionne avec le pénis). Si vous avez peur de faire de la douleur – utilisez un peu de lubrifiant.

Köln Airport Fanny too many requirements for a potential partner. And even more uncertainty and claims to yourself. She does not jam loneliness and does not get drunk as her follower Bridget Jones, but she behaves in her own eccentric: visits clairvoyance sessions, and sleeps at home in a home-made coffin.

Why look? Loneliness, like depression, can develop into a chronic form. Any actions are called upon to break the vicious circle to help make contact with other people, even the courses by the right to choose death that Fanny attends. Communication with one who is even worse, arouses a desire to help. You feel that someone needs it-and now you are not so lonely.

Quote: “You never donated yourself for someone. You only think about yourself, only about whether they love you enough “.

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